Daisyworld final 23_06_16
Darwinian Daisyworld model from and Watson & Lovelock (1983), Robertson & Robinson (1998) and Lenton & Lovelock (2001).
extended by Anna Blümel, Tobias Meier, Charlotte Weinschenk(2016)

The Research deals with a stress test of Watson and Lovelock’s Daisyworld model. The authors tested the stability of the model by applying modified growth curves for the Daisies. These modified curves were tested in several modes of the grouping constant q.

For testing the different modes of the project:
- to see different growth curves for the Daisies,  pull a flow from desired fertilityB/fertilityW to birthB/birthW
Only one fertilityB/fertilityW should be connected to birthB/birthW.

-to see different modes of the homeostasis, change grouping constant q to different values.
The authors reccomend following values:
q= 3; 6; 15; 20; 25; 30; 35; 40; 50

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