This assignment illustrates the effects of police fundings and community expenditure on the society. 
And how we can improve the Town (Bourke).

Population- Population of Bourke (3000)
Adults- 60% of the population in Bourke are Adults 
Youth- 40% of the population in Bourke are young 
Crime- Crimes committed by the young and adults under any bad influence or mischief.
Caught- Caught by police after or during the crime is committed 
Community Group- Groups formed by the people to provide better lifestyles and a better environment.
Positive Lifestyles- People who adopt the better lifestyle and be a better person.

Community Expenses- The amount spent on the community to attract more people and make better lives.
Police Fundings- The amount spent on/for the police to make the streets more safer.

1. 3000 is the considered population for the model.
2. The values which are affecting the model are Community expenses and Police fundings.
3. 60% of the population is Adults 
4. 40% of the population is Youth 
5. 500 people are already doing crime
6. 365 people are already in jail.
7. 200 people are already involved in community groups and have positive lifestyle
8. There will be some people who will join community groups but will quit and get attracted towards bad influence.
9. There will some people who will have attracted towards bad influence and mischief but will not do any kind of crime and go home.
10. There will some people who will be caught but not be charged or they are not eligible for going to jail.

How Model Works
--Population is divided in two Young and adults; Young/Adults are either attracted towards Bad influence or mischief or engaged with the community group. 
--If they are engaged in any community group they will either have a good lifestyle and better behaviour, and then go back to population or they will disengaged, and quits, and get attracted towards Bad influence or mischief.
--When the people are attracted towards bad influence or mischief they will either commit a crime or go back to population, when they commit any crime they will be caught by the police. 
--Then they are either charge and sent to jail, or they are sent back to population.
--When criminals are sent to jail they have to stay there for about 10 months and then released and sent to the population.

All in all, if we have to improve Bourke we have to use the best combination of the variables (How much to invest and where to invest) so that we can have the best results and better people in the town.

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