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Clone of Entire Rainforest Carbon Cycling Model with Sliders

Rahul Agrawal Bejarano

Grasses do not take up and store as much C as trees do. Thus, pastures offer less habitat for animals. What happens to C in plant stocks as the ecosystem is converted from mainly trees (rainforest) is to mainly grasses (pasture)?

What happens to Herbivore and Carnivore stocks?

What happens to atmospheric C stocks?

What do these changes mean for global warming, i.e., what happens as atmospheric C stocks rise?

Note: Need to create 5 scenarios for plant GPP so that plant C stocks decline with eac

  • 1 hour ago

Simulace hráčské základny

Jakub Souček
Model slouží k simulaci toku hráčů mezi loby, frontou hrou a zpět do loby. Model umožňuje sledovat délku fronty případně nastavit limit pro indikaci nespokojenosti hráčů.
Model byl navržen pro:
1) Nalezení kritického množství hráčů (množství pro které je systém stabilní fronta nepřekročí limit).
2) Navržení krizových plánů na upravení herních parametrů pro udržení délky fronty pod limitem s nižším počtem hráčů v systému. 


  • 2 hours ago

PrEP affordability and its effects on infections

Jason Moisiadis
This model should be used purely for personal interest.  I’m a designer and have no training in epidemiological studies. So, take this as an interesting experiment and nothing else. 

I made it for a university subject looking into modelling and thought this was a very interesting topic area.

Using figures from: 
Zhang, L., Peng, P., Wu, Y., Ma, X., Soe, N. N., Huang, X., Wu, H., Markowitz, M., & Meyers, K. (2018). Modelling the epidemiological impact and cost-effectiveness of prep for HIV transmission in MSM in China. *AIDS and Behavior*, *23*(2), 523-533.

Schneider, K., Gray, R. T., & Wilson, D. P. (2014). A cost-effectiveness analysis of HIV Preexposure prophylaxis for men who have sex with men in Australia. *Clinical Infectious Diseases*, *58*(7), 1027-1034.

AFAO. (2021). *HIV IN AUSTRALIA*. Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.

Department of Health. (2018). *National HIV Strategy* (8). Commonwealth of Australia.$File/HIV-Eight-Nat-Strategy-2018-22.pdf

Monitoring HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (Prep) uptake in Australia: Issue 1*. (2021, June 29). Kirby Institute.

Monitoring HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (Prep) uptake in Australia: Issue 4*. (2021, June 29). Kirby Institute.

Hiv Health

  • 8 hours ago


Симуляция того, как популяция животного и методы борьбы с браконьерством влияют на цену данного животного на чёрном рынке.
  • 10 hours ago