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jacson caiton miranda

Exercício 2: Modifique o exemplo 2 (apresentado em aula) de forma que agentes ingressem  em uma população a uma taxa de 2 por dia conforme probabilidade de 10%.

  • 3 hours 46 min ago

Model of UK Retail

David Horgan
Preliminary modelling of UK retail market. Linking GDP, consumer confidence and retail sales
wolfram alpha:
UK GDP per year =£2.08 trillion
UK GDP per capita =£31177 per year (exchange rate dependent)
UK GDP per capita = £598.78 per capita per week

Econometrics Sales Forecasting

  • 8 hours 52 min ago

Easter Island Overshoot and Collapse

Pradeesh Kumar

The period from 900 AD until 1700 AD at Easter Island is an example of Overshoot and Collapse System Archetype. Around 900 AD, the island had a small population which grew over time alongside rampant consumption of island’s

  • 15 hours 7 min ago