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Fuel Lab Prototype 2

Telly Ayangma
This is the first draft of the design of a laboratory to analyse Heavy Fuel Oil used in Power Plant to generate energy. The properties to be analyzed are Viscosity, Density, Sediments, Asphaltene, Ash, Metals( Al+Si, Ca, Zn, Na, P, V), Flash Point, Pour point, Water and Carbon residue.
Before an actual schematic of the lab is to be drawn, we need to visualize how a chemist goes about analyzing these different properties. This means taking into account; analysis methods overlaps, incompatible equipment left in proximity, substances that would need to be disposed and try to make the pathway as circular as possible to save time and energy. Avoid zig-zags.

Analytical Chemistry Chemistry Energy Fuel Petroleum HFO

  • 1 year 6 months ago

Fuel lab steps

Telly Ayangma
The list of properties to be tested in the right order. The properties are organized in such a way that the chemist comes in one way and comes out the order. The process has to be as smooth as possible. 
The goal is to is also to make the analysis save time, energy, money and lives by watching out for the following loopholes and planning accordingly. -Watch out for analysing methods that overlap-Watch out for equipment that can produce hazards if put together-Watch out for substances that would need to be disposed of.

Petroleum Energy Africa Oil Analytical Chemistry Chemistry Fuel HFO

  • 1 year 6 months ago