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Maternal And Child Health

NJ Low-Risk CSections

Seri Anderson
This model estimates the number of low-risk C-sections that will be performed in NJ. These estimates are based on the best available evidence in the literature.

There are four interventions that can reduce the number of low-risk c-sections:
1) Allowing movement and positioning other than supine in the first stage of labor ("Supine")
2) Encouraging the use of doulas and creating doula-friendly policies ("Doula")
3) Improving access to and promoting quality childbirth education ("Childbirth Education")
4) Tracking provider-level C-section rates and conducting case reviews ("Tracking and Case Review")

Experiment with the interventions by moving the sliders below.

Each slider indicates the number of NJ hospitals in which the intervention is implemented. Zero indicates that the intervention is not used. Fifty-three indicates full implementation.

You can simulate by pressing the "simulate" button at the top left. If you don't see the simulate button, click the downward facing arrow next to "Clone Insight". You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker.

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