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Causal Loop

Clone of How tutors help the learner causal loop

Christine E Capra

This paints a broad picture for my non-profit of how tutoring helps disadvantaged youth and, with the right jump-start from a caring individual (R1 point), how learning can get learning and skill begets further skill. I appreciate any feedback to modifications because they might shape program direction.

Future iterations will show the low skilled isolated individual gets stuck in a cycle of "no-growth." I would also like to explore the dynamics of how the learner reduces dependence on the tutor.

Causal Loop Learning Education Nonprofit

  • 3 years 1 week ago

Clone of Causal Loop - Elmore

Activity: Use causal loop diagram to represent how the system is supposed to work based on Elmore quote.  Then, according to Elmore, what is missing?  How might the model be modified to include what Elmore says is missing?

Causal Loop Systems Elmore

  • 4 years 4 months ago

Clone of Koalas

Alvaro DIas
The Koala Population is declining in South East Queensland. There are multiple reasons for this, almost all of which can be changed through awareness and action. This causal loop diagram illustrates what is decreasing Koala numbers and what steps can be taken to increase numbers over time. Main threats being Climate change, Disease and Domestic threats.

Koalas Causal Loop

  • 4 years 4 months ago