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Revenue Model of Facebook

Kjell Warmerdam
Here we show the revenue model of Facebook. We do this based on two major streams.
-The Facebook user stream --> Here we see that there are three types of users: potential, simple and advanced.
-The Firm user stream --> Here we see that there are two types of firms: potential firms using Facebook and the actual firms who use Facebook as a way to advertize to their customers.
What we want to know is whether Facebook can make small investments that can result in a bigger Balance statement.

Users Firms Cost Revenue Investment

  • 3 years 1 month ago

Facebook Insight maker

Kjell Warmerdam
Here we tried to model the income model of Facebook. We let you see that their are different kind of Facebook users. 
-The simple one, who uses Facebook sometimes for example only to check what other relatives had said.
-And on the other hand you have the advanced Facebook users, who uses Facebook often and even linked their Facebook account with Instagram and Whatsapp.
- And then you have the firms who use Facebook as a way to get in touch with the customers. They do this via advertisement and selling data points from Facebook to make more personalized offers.

Cost Revenue Data Points

  • 3 years 1 month ago