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Model 1

Increasing Leadership Effectiveness

CLD of Argyris Models I and II using rich pictures to describe the models and transition, if it can occur.
The leverage point, according to Argyris, is in the set of governing variables, which are deeply ingrained socially, and are therefore difficult to address, largely because we are unaware of them.
While the leverage points for change are in the governing variables, the pain point is in the crisis, where one is "in trouble with oneself."

Argyris Model 1 Model 2 Double Loop Learning

  • 6 years 9 months ago

Sandwich Feedback

The sandwich approach to feedback is well-intended, but often causes exactly the result it is meant to avoid--defensiveness.​  It begins and ends with a compliments that is meant to disguise the main purpose of the feedback and control the recipient's response.  The recipient is aware of the disguise, but cannot confront it because doing so violates social norms.  The feedback is evaluative and general, often due to lack of first-hand information, which prevents the recipient from understanding the source of the feedback or knowing exactly what is needed to address a performance gap.

Feedback Performance Management Model 1

  • 7 years 3 months ago