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Skill Gap

ICT enabled projects for a state government agency

Lisa Martinez
The problem shown is not unique to any single organization nor unique to public or private sectors. 

In fact, the most common challenge known to most executives in either public or private sector is going to be the ability to execute the vision and align the organization. 

We rarely can truly be assured of both.  What hinders success? 

Project Accounting has been a sore spot in the industry well before I entered the arena.  In 2000, I took a role with a software consulting firm as the Project Accounting expert on the West Coast.  The same problems we experienced then are still problems today.  What seemed like a professional services business problem, is apparently far more of a problem than we realize. 

One way to understand the problem uses a highway with three lanes in either direction. 

South for supplier and expenses
North for Citizens and benefits

Every highway has a few lanes, more than two.  Let's go with three.  

Slow lane-innovation or invent business models (large complex projects)
Middle lane - advanced business models often representing a closure of one branch or addition of another
Fast lane - your core business and standard government delivered services

Now let's look at our model and assume the left Run the Government - Operational, represents the fast lane business or delivery models.  We do this rather well in most cases. 

Assume the middle and slow lanes are going through the right side of the diagram. 

The model is true in retail, healthcare, government, advertising, and ICT benefits from the adoption of a person centered design to allow a window to the citizens increasing the ability to do external sensing of the stakeholders.  Using digital media as the place where we can see and touch the actual impacts of projects.  

Each branch creates a Facebook, Google+ and page to promote or acquire feedback from citizens.  

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