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​The probability density function (PDF) of the normal distribution or Bell Curve Gaussian Distribution by Guy Lakeman

Guy Lakeman
​The probability density function (PDF) of the normal distribution or Bell Curve of Normal or Gaussian Distribution is the mean or expectation of the distribution (and also its median and mode). 
The parameter is its standard deviation with its variance then, A random variable with a Gaussian distribution is said to be normally distributed and is called a normal deviate.However, those who enjoy upskirts are called deviants and have a variable distribution :) 
A random variable with a Gaussian distribution is said to be normally distributed and is called a normal deviate.
If mu = 0 and sigma = 1
If the Higher Education Numbers Are Increased then the group decision making ability of society would be raised above that of a middle teenager as it is nowBUT Governments can control children by using bad parenting techniques, pandering to the pleasure principle, so they will make higher education more and more difficult as they are doing

85% of the population has a qualification level equal or below a 12th grader, 17 year old ... the chance of finding someone with any sense is low (~1 in 6) and the outcome of them being chosen by those who are uneducated in the policies they are to decide is even more rare !!!
Experience means little if you don't have enough brain to analyse it
Democracy is only as good as the ability of the voters to FULLY understand the implications of the policies on which they vote., both context and the various perspectives.   National voting of unqualified voters on specific policy issues is the sign of corrupt manipulation.
Democracy:  Where a group allows the decision ability of a teenager to decide on a choice of mis-representatives who are unqualified to make judgement on social policies that affect the lives of millions.The kind of children who would vote for King Kong who can hold a girl in one hand and swat fighter jets out of teh sky off the tallest building, doesn't have a brain cell or thought to call his own but has a nice smile and offers little girls sweets.

MATHS Statistics Physics Science Ecology Climate Weather Intelligence Education Probability Density Function Normal Bell Curve Gaussian Distribution Democracy Voting Politics Policy

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Population Stock and Flow

Stephanie Krishnan
This is a simple population model designed to illustrate some of the concepts of stock and flow diagrams and simulation modelling.
The birth fraction and life expectancy are variables and are set as per page 66 of the text. The population is the stock and the births and deaths are the flows.


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Student Achievement

David Olsen
In this model I am trying to depict the multiple factors and interactions that impact student academic achievement.  As educators, our goal is to optimize the progression of academic achievement, or as represented in this stock flow diagram maintain the stock (academic achievement) at the highest level.  Multiple factors enhance achievement and, conversely, multiple factors interact to reduce the stock/rate of achievement.  As individual teachers, we must understand the factors and relationships that increase and decrease achievement.  In particular, teachers in training need to begin to build a mental model of these factors and relationships.  Only then can we optimize our individual learning environments to ensure each child reaches his/her academic achievement potential.


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Low SES children influence

Abhishek Bajaj
This insight aims to see the influence a child faces, and especially those that affect his/ her academic results.
The main focus here was in understanding the influence parenting behaviours, and peer influences play in a child's life. 

Children Education

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