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Communities inspiring resilience


This Loop diagram outlines how community engagement endeavors might build up social capital in a location and inspire perseverance in the face of adversity. As such, these dynamics contribute to the reduction in community problems. Inspired by the work of Wayne Hoy, Bandura, Sampson and many others.

Causal Loop Education Civic Engagement

  • 7 years 4 months ago


Paulo Villela
Sistema de intervenção do Banco Central para regular a cotação do dólar. O sistema tem um loop que conduz naturalmente ao equilíbrio, isto é, a COTAÇÃO ATUAL tende, com o tempo, à COTAÇÃO DESEJADA pelo BC.  Entretanto devido ao TEMPO DE REAÇÃO DO MERCADO, o sistema OSCILA mas ainda assim tende ao equilíbrio.  Na verdade, o que faz a COTAÇÃO ATUAL oscilar, é a relação entre o TEMPO DE REAÇÃO DO MERCADO e o TEMPO DE AJUSTE da intervenção do BC. A frequência de oscilação é tanto maior quanto maior for a relação entre o TEMPO DE REAÇÃO DO MERCADO e o TEMPO DE AJUSTE do BC.


  • 9 months 3 weeks ago

Population Stock and Flow with Declining Age Expectancy

Stephanie Krishnan
This is a simple population model designed to illustrate some of the concepts of stock and flow diagrams and simulation modelling.
We replaced the variable "Life Expectancy" with a converter that allows us to indicate how life expectancy declines over time with an increasing population (due to scarcity of resources, urban crowding, disease, etc) assuming no further technological or medical advancements.


  • 5 years 8 months ago

The Lost Children

Quint Rahaman
Focus on verbal/linguistic and logical/mathematical intelligences robs us of the wealth untapped in the remaining six intelligences: interpersonal, intrapersonal, spacial, musical, naturalistic, and kinesthetic.
Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) proposes that cognition isn't unitary and that individuals cannot be described as having a single, quantifiable intelligence.  Published in 1983, his theory stipulated seven of which one more was added a year later.
Note: Intelligence is defined as the ability to solve problems, the ability to create problems to be solved, and the ability to create a product or a service that is of value to one's culture.

Multiple Intelligences Education Learning

  • 6 years 7 months ago

Version 10: Hattie Calibrated Education Scenario Tool Capability Demonstration

Yolande Tra
Despite a mature field of inquiry, frustrated educational policy makers face a crisis characterized by little to no clear research-based guidance and significant budget limitations --  in the face of too often marginal or unexpectedly deleterious achievement impacts. As such, education performance has been acknowledged as a complex system and a general call in the literature for causal models has been sounded. This modeling effort represents a strident first step in the development of an evidence-based causal hypothesis: an hypothesis that captures the widely acknowledged complex interactions and multitude of cited influencing factors. This non-piecemeal, causal, reflection of extant knowledge engages a neuro-cognitive definition of students.  Through capture of complex dynamics, it enables comparison of different mixes of interventions to estimate net academic achievement impact for the lifetime of a single cohort of students. Results nominally capture counter-intuitive unintended consequences: consequences that too often render policy interventions effete. Results are indexed on Hattie Effect Sizes, but rely on research identified causal mechanisms for effect propagation. Note that the net causal interactions have been effectively captured in a very scoped and/or simplified format.  Relative magnitudes of impact have been  roughly adjusted to Hattie Ranking Standards (calibration): a non-causal evidence source. This is a demonstration model and seeks to exemplify content that would be engaged in a full or sufficient model development effort.  Budget & time constraints required significant simplifying assumptions. These assumptions mitigate both the completeness & accuracy of the outputs. Features serve to symbolize & illustrate the value and benefits of causal modeling as a performance tool.

Education Policy Causal Dynamic Intervention Impact

  • 2 years 6 months ago