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Double Loop Control Theory by William T Powers

Geoff McDonnell
Double loop version of IM-8908 Based on 1990 SDR Article. Control systems act to make their own input match internal standards or reference signals. Competent control systems create illusions of stimulus response causality. Stimulus-response theory can approximate the relationship between disturbance and action, but it can't predict the consequences of behavior. These consequences are maintained despite disturbances. See also Double loop learning and Nurse Thinking Insights. See also IM-9273 for DLL LAIR model

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Clinical Judgment Structure

Geoff McDonnell
From A Philosophical Basis of Medical Practice Toward a Philosophy and Ethic of the Healing Professions Edmund D Pellegrino David C Thomasma OUP Oxford 1981 Ch6 The Anatomy of Clinical Judgments p119-152 Note judgments have consequences of action, decisions can separate out the knowledge used. See also Thinking Like a Nurse IM-703 and Ladder of Inference Assumptions IM-351 and IM-50413 to show diagnostic detail

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