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Dynamics in Action

Geoff McDonnell
​Book (large pdf) by Alicia Juarrero subtitled intentional behavior as a complex system. Behaviour is action and change in the world, consisting of the external, mental and social world. Human action is intentional, meaningful  and hopefully effective. Behaviours can be:
Reactive: sense and respond
Adaptive: anticipate and learn
Generative: innovate and transform.
Which models help produce effective action?

Cliinical Care Decision Making Behavior Complexity Causation Effective Action

  • 3 years 3 days ago

Fighting complexity

Geoff McDonnell

From fighting lions (fight or flight) to fighting feedbacks in complex systems. A single person cutting the Gordian knot to the dynamic complexity of rubik's cube. Think of multiple players with multiple misperceptions of the faces on the cube and conflicting goals about what the desired solution is. Worse still, without an accepted framework we dont even know if it's a cube or another structure. See also policy resistance IM-697

Health Care Complexity

  • 1 year 5 months ago