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Information Distribution Problem

Rayne Man
 The lack of recognition of efforts is a plague of society, an immense amount of effort goes unrecognized. Meaning there is constant input on behalf of an individual with a varying degree of output. This is a highly concerning situation for the system as a whole. For a positive feedback loop to take place, inputs must balance with outputs, respectively. 
In this model, inputs balance with outputs creating a dynamic contribution.

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The Information Distribution Problem

Rayne Man
The Information Distribution Problem   Exploring a basis for distributing and organizing information is critical to the foundations of any system. It's a losing battle trying to combat information intake, without informative output. If we lived in a world with a technological system designed to do so, everyone's lives would be affected for the better. 

 By selectively designing the following technologies, a global system of education based on the validity of information is establishable.
Blockchain(s) Personal & PublicSimulated/Augmented RealityDigital Textbook/Interactive CompendiumArtificial IntelligenceVirtual Mentorship Program(s)

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