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Fossil Fuel

Energy and Climate System

Janice Lee
The global economy revolves around the burning of fossil fuels to supply energy. To reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, there is a need to evaluate policies where demand for energy can be reduced or substituted with cleaner sources of energy. This simple model illustrates the use of SDM to simulate interactions between the energy and climate system.
This model is built for WK2 of CHNS class @NTU Singapore. 

GHG Fossil Fuel

  • 6 months 3 days ago

Assignment 3

Kryz Irene Megan Sanchez Quinto
Production of fossil fuel vehicles increase as companies see profit in it and there is an available resource for consumption. However, since the raw material from the underground reserves are non-renewable, the continuous mining will deplete it and eventually, it will start to run out. Fossil fuel vehicles are reduced because of new alternatives created through successful invention.

Vehicles Fossil Fuel Non-renewable

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