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Aaron Medlin
Model-SIM-GD is model-SIM from chapter 3 of Wynn Godley and Marc Lavoie's Monetary Economics, but modified. Simplest model with government money that is also stock-flow consistent, but with government debt (GD) added to the system.
Households consume out of both current income (wages + interest income from government bonds) and prior stock of wealth. Model assumes households only own a portion of existing government debt (equity position of government sector), so interest payment flows on government debt are defined as only those going to the households sector, the remaining proportion is assumed to be owned by the government itself and interest is paid to itself (think of a consolidated government Treasury and Central Bank as CB remits interest income, minus operational expenses, back to Treasury). The production sector is a pass through of income back to households. The production sector does not save and does not invest (i.e., buy "capital" goods from itself). 
The model is stock-flow consistent as all sectoral expenditure flows are monitored to confirm balances balance as an accounting identity, as does equity. 

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