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Fridemar Pache


The TextAreas (pure TextArea, StockText, VariableText, LinkLabelText) are compatible with the DOM architecture.

So we can use the AutoLinkBookmarklet to create AutoLinks.

In this case each CamelCase word becomes a DoubleLink, pointing to two targets, the first one is a WikiPage and the second one a GoogleSearch to the CamelCase.

The rationale behind that:

* it is an additional step in userfriendliness, to create links in a mere textual surrounding.

* the created main link automatically links to an existing WikiPage with the same name of the CamelCase, if it exists; otherwise if the page doesn't exist, it is automatically created in the next step without further inconvenience

* the created secondary link (also called GoogleSensor) shows how much it is represented on the Google radar.

TextArea AutoLink WikiFy Stocks Variables

  • 8 years 5 months ago