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Constructing a Quantum State of Awareness

O. K. Ewell

The success of quantum field theory lies in its ability to quantify observables that go unnoticed by the naked eye.  The advantage of quantifying implicit or imperceptible systems, structures and even more ephemeral forms and relationships, cannot be denied. Neither ought its value be shortchanged.  

I have worked with Dr. Tom Adi closely and diligently for the greater part of my life (more than thirty years) to understand the implicit nature of meaning.  Thanks to Tom Adi (who shared his discoveries and insights with me) who spent years teaching me how to observe the world using the scientific method, I was able to sharpen my intuition.  

In the process of learning from him, and in the evolution of my own reflections, I discovered the natural and quantal relations of salience, relevance, resonance and resolution.  Here are some of my insights.

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  • 6 years 12 months ago