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Bourke Infection Rate

Pavel Burmakin
This model shows the relationship between placement to Bourke Hospital and Infection Rate, Recovery rate and release from Bourke Hospital.  
AssumptionsThis model assumes that:upper value for Sensitive to get infected is 50 peopleupper value for Placed into Bourke hospital is 50 peopleupper value for Released from Bourke hospital is 50 people
VariablesInfection Rate - can be adjusted upwards or downwards to stimulate infection rate.Infection Factor - can be adjusted upwards or downwards to stimulate infection rate.Recovery Rate - can be adjusted upwards or downwards to stimulate infection rate.

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  • 1 year 9 months ago

Constructing a Quantum State of Awareness

O. K. Ewell

The success of quantum field theory lies in its ability to quantify observables that go unnoticed by the naked eye.  The advantage of quantifying implicit or imperceptible systems, structures and even more ephemeral forms and relationships, cannot be denied. Neither ought its value be shortchanged.  

I have worked with Dr. Tom Adi closely and diligently for the greater part of my life (more than thirty years) to understand the implicit nature of meaning.  Thanks to Tom Adi (who shared his discoveries and insights with me) who spent years teaching me how to observe the world using the scientific method, I was able to sharpen my intuition.  

In the process of learning from him, and in the evolution of my own reflections, I discovered the natural and quantal relations of salience, relevance, resonance and resolution.  Here are some of my insights.

World Consciousness Intelligence Nature Quantum Field People Engagement Boundary Physical Law

  • 6 years 5 months ago

Modelling Social Physics - System Dynamics Projects

Lisa Martinez
Concepts are designed for Universatility and local variables without forcing a one size fits all model. 

Measurements in the course are designed to maintain a system perspective in all planning and measurement systems. 

Students will acquire hands on modeling skills using either video learning offered by System Thinking World host and easily viewed through the right hand side of the page conveniently located are links to the video series.  

A facilitator may offer traditional instruction or ideally students from the graduating students are teaching the next group of students and improving the way the materials is presented.

Environment Justice People Planet Poverty Partnerships

  • 6 years 1 month ago

La Gestion de Conocimiento en Empresas de Desarrollo de Software en Medellin

Douglas Urrea Ocampo
Se realiza un diagnóstico de los modelos de gestión de conocimiento que realiza las empresas de desarrollo de software en la ciudad de Medellin, Colombia.
¿Qué importancia tiene la GC en los procesos de desarrollo de software?La ingeniería de software es un área en constante evolución, que se basa en la generación de conocimiento, la investigación, la experiencia teórica y práctica obtenida de las organizaciones, las comunidades y de las personas que brindan sus aportes a este proceso evolutivo. 

Knowledge Management Economics People Capacity

  • 2 years 7 months ago