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Government Policy

BMA 708, Assessment Tast 3: Complex System, Burnie COVID-19 outbreak, Diprina Shakya-519673

Diprina Shakya
Explanation of the ModelThis is a Model of COVID-19 outbreak in Burnie, Tasmania which shows the government actions in response to the pandemic COVID-19 and its affects on the Economy. The government health policy changes depending on the reported cases, which is a dependent upon the testing rate. 
AssumptionsLockdown and travel ban were the main factor in government policy. It negatively impacts on the Economic growth as individuals are not going out which is directly affects the business around the world, in this insight 'Burnie'. This reduces the economic growth and the factors positively effecting economic growth such as Tourism.

Government policies has a negative impact on Exposer of individuals. Moreover, it also has a negative impact on chances of infection when exposed as well as other general infection rate. 
Interesting Insight There is a significant impact of test rating on COVID-19 outbreak. Higher rates increases the government involvement, which decreases cases as well as the total death. In contrast, lower testing rates increase the death rate and cases. 
Tourism which plays a avital role in Tasmanian Economy greatly affects the Economic Growth. The decline of Tourism in parts of Tasmania such as Burnie, would directly decrease the economy of Tasmania.


COVID-19 Burnie Tasmania COVID-19 Outbreak Government Policy Economy BMA708

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BMA708 Model of COVID-19 Outbreak in Burnie island. Ming Liu 501335

Ming Liu
This model is to explain the COVID-19 outbreak in Brunie Island, Tasmania, Australia, and the relationship between it and the government policies , also with the local economy.

This model is upgraded on the basis of the SIR model and adds more variables.

A large number of COVID-19 cases will have a negative impact on the local economy. But if the number of cases is too small, it will have no impact on the macro economy

Government policy will help control the growth of COVID-19 cases by getting people tested.

COVID-19 SIR Model Government Policy Economy Burnie Tasmania UTAS BMA708

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