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KPMG Report

Bourke Town Restoration

Harshverdhan Kher
Bourke Town Restoration ---The main problem with the people of Bourke is loneliness, and the population. Since the population is too less, it is very difficult to give more exposure to its people and create a cultural and health environment. In the system shown, The main STOCKS are the Community Development and Less/Slow Community Development. 
1. Community Development- Main Reasons (Variables)a. Peopleb. ALS c. Education---When Bourke's people will get proper education, and there is a greater involvement of the council/ALS/Police in lifting the living standards of people, then they will feel developed and will lead to an overall community development. With the Stock and Variable people, there is a two way relation because both are inter-dependent. For this assessment's purpose, the education rate is kept as 70% which is that there should be > 70% population who is educated. 
Convertors ---For the people, it is necessary that from the day the child is born till the day he/she ages well, he/she should be trained properly to uplift their standards. 
ALS/Council is responsible to carry out the activities that are listed in the KPMG Report in order to make the community development. 
In the STATE Educated, it means that if the people are educated, they will be able to do more work, more employment and eventually, more community development. 
2. Less Development This is the present scenario. People are lonely, there is not much education, unemployment rate is high and which is leading to more crimes. This at the end is leading to lesser development and which made sure the Bourke's name is in the most dangerous places to live on the earth! 
Unemployment and Loneliness are the leading factors to crimes

The STATE is Binary which is either 0 or 1. If the people are not educated enough, they will commit crime. 
There are two Simulation. a. Community Developmentb. Less Development
The initial one is the one with the factors leading to community development. The latter one is the one with the factors leading to lesser development. 

Town Restoration NSW Community Education Criminal Data Youth Data Healthcare Happiness Chart KPMG Report

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