Collaborate and Share

Sharing insights and models could not be easier. Want to let a colleague view your model? Simply send them the same link you used to edit the model. They'll be able to use this link to view and run the model right in their web browser.

Access Controls

This link will not allow them to edit the model, though. If you want to give them the ability to edit the model, simply edit the Insight's properties and grant your colleague the edit permission.

By default, everything in Insight Maker is public. All Insights will be indexed and categorized by Insight Maker, so others can find them and can contribute to them. However, if you would prefer to keep an Insight under wraps for a bit, you can do so by making it private. Once you are ready to share it with the world, simply make it public again.

Embedding Insights

In addition to sending links to people with your insights, you can also directly embed them in your webpage or blog. Simply use Insight Maker's "Embed" feature and paste the specified HTML code into your blog. Then people will be able view and run your Insights right where you want to.

Here is an example of an embedded Insight:

It really is that easy!