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Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of Shortcut Keys defined for Insight Maker.

  • Control/Command + B Bold the style of the currently selected primitives.
  • Control/Command + I Italicize the style of the currently selected primitives.
  • Control/Command + U Underline the style of the currently selected primitives.

  • Control/Command + C Copy the selected primitives. Note that Insight Maker does not actually have access to your system's clipboard so you can only Copy and Paste within the context of a single Insight.
  • Control/Command + V Paste whatever is on the local clipboard.
  • Control/Command + X Cut the currently selected primitives to the local clipboard.
  • Delete Deletes the currently selected Primitives.

  • Control/Command + Z Undo the previous command.
  • Control/Command + Y Redo the previous command.

  • Control/Command + F Opens the Find & Replace dialogue which will allow you to search for text in Primitive Labels, Notes and Values. You may specify if the search is to be case sensitive.
  • Control/Command + G Find Next instances of specified text.

  • Control/Command + ] Step forward when in Storytelling mode.
  • Control/Command + . Open the Note Editor dialogue.
  • Control/Command + L Open the Time Settings dialogue.
  • Control/Command + K Switch the canvas to Scratchpad mode so you can draw on it.
  • Control/Command + P Create a printer friendly image in a new window.
  • Control/Command + S Save the insight. Note that if it hasn't been saved at least once the description dialogue will open. You typically don't need the Save shortcut because Insight Maker does an automatic Save after each change you make.
  • Control/Command + Enter Run the simulation.

  • Right Click Open a drop down from which you can select primitives to be created at the current mouse pointer location.
  • Option Click on a Link Primitive Create a waypoint you can move to curve the link.