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The Rain Barrel

Gene Bellinger
Rain Barrel ModelThe purpose of this model is to have the user change the value of stocks, flows and converters to experience a variety of different graphical results. Understanding this generic model is important pre-requisite to learning about intravenous drugs in the body, radioactivity, self-esteem, water flowing from a drain and many other basic natural systems.

Understanding Relationship and Their Implications: The Essence of AND?


  • 7 months 4 weeks ago

New Organizational Learning Inhibited through Bureaucratic Over Complicatedness & Corruption

Brian Dowling
This model is based the the New Learning Inhibited/Breaking the Cycle model It expands upon that model and integrates to a greater extent some of the concepts raised by Argyris, "Teaching Smart People How To Learn" It also introduces ideas from New Community Paradigms.

BCTD Systcp DDDI Participatory Democracy Disruptive Innovation NCP

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