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Total population of heaven and hell and the world today

Chris Peters
Total population of heaven and hell today, based on assumption of 2.39% growth rate and 1.195% death rate
This insight calculates the total number of deaths, by running history in reverse. This involves having a greater death rate than birth rate, so that the population slowly dwindles.

Starting value of the population stock is given as 7,404,976,783, based on estimates for mid 2016.
When population reaches close to zero at 450 years, the estimate for total humans ever born is 14.77 billion.


  • 3 years 6 months ago

R1 Doing More Exercise

Anne-Marie Parent
A model that describes the reinforcing loop between exercise and sleep.

Insight: To be able to do more exercise (if one is already tired), one has different options:
to increase their energy level which can be done with some products (such as caffeine), to improve their quality of sleep either via medication or changing the environment in which they sleep, or to start doing exercise even if they are tired in order to sleep better and then have more energy.

Health Exercise

  • 5 years 5 months ago


Fabio Musmeci
This is to test the Optimization - Goal seeking (find it under Tools)An excel data set of a exponential growing population is loaded as a converter with import two columns copied from excel and pasted in the converter.The grow rate in excel is 0.1Start growing in the model is 0.2Tools -> Optimization with accuracy 0.001

Exercise Fitting Optimization

  • 2 weeks 3 hours ago