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Gene Bellinger
Our actions are based on our beliefs and the results of those actions are the basis for our beliefs. The difficulty we create for ourselves is that we make assumptions as to how to interpret the results we select based on our beliefs. As a result we are often operating on a flawed perspective of reality. There is a also a video for this insight which is a component of the Effective Problem Solving Course.
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The Realization

Gene Bellinger
At this stage it is essential to understand and admit that the task at hand completely overwhelms the current methods. The way forward lies in realizing the essential nature of collaboration and the need for an integrated tool set to support collaboration. Even with that as the realization, current understanding indicates that the integrated tool set necessary to support the needed collaboration simply does not exist. And, not only does it not exist, it is most likely beyond the resources of any one vendor to provide it if they wished. So what are the options?
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