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Shifting The Burden

Clone of Variables Influencing Business Problems Related to SAMS

wayne hugo
A causal loop diagram illustrating a subset of variables influencing education problems related to trying to increase workshop engagement.
Inherent in the diagram is a representation of two well-known system dynamics archetypes:
  • Shifting the Burden, represented in the interplay between the B1, B2, and R3 loops, and
  • Limits to Success, represented in the interplay between the B1 and R5 loops.

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  • 9 months 1 week ago

Clone of Shifting the Burden Archetype

Felipe Haro
A shifting the burden structure occurs when there are different ways to address a situation. With one approach being easier, faster, and requiring fewer resources, which do you think gets pursued? The problem is that taking the easier path ensures one will have to take the easier path repeatedly, and makes it harder to pursue the long-term better solution.

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Systemswiki AIAC Archetype Shifting The Burden

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