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Clone of 2 Sided Marketplace with Churn

Christoffer Stene

Simple Bass diffusion modified from Sterman Business Dynamics Ch9. Compare with the SI infectious disease model Insight 584, to which we added churn and duplicated it to model a 2 sided marketplace..

In this 2-sided market model -- take etsy for example --  the adoption rate of end users is also a factor of how many vendors the company has on-boarded.  You can control the impact on end user adoption via the Choice Impact Factor.

Conversely,  the rate at which vendors will be on-boarded is a factor of the perceived opportunity they have to sell their wares.  You can control the rate at which suppliers are on-boarded via the Opportunity Impact Factor.

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Business Technology Diffusion Ecommerce

  • 4 years 9 months ago

Clone of To Be Business and Technology Architecture

Te Kou Gage
Enables the different components in the 5 capability model in a visual manner for Enterprise and Business Architecture stakeholders.  


5 Capability Model
The 5 capability model has many stock and flow children which each organization will need to model based on their current state.  

  • Aligns to APQC Process Framework
  • Aligns to Principles in ISO 9001, 26000 and 27001 

Aligns Zachman Framework Enterprise and Business Architecture with Executive and Leaders from a business management level across any organization.  

A method in which to align and benchmark any organization or agency, with the system(s) logic required from Architects in Row 3, to enable Row 4 engineers who need to supply physics. 

Getting terms to align to the generic objects can be a trying task, unless you simply list the stakeholders "semantic" term below the stakeholder in the presentation layer by order shown in the business process management section above the capability management group.  

Business Technology Quality 5 Capability Model Application As Is To Be Enterprise And Business Architecture

  • 8 years 1 month ago