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Reservoir Disease Spread

Scott Fortmann-Roe
This model simulates a waterborne illness spread from a central reservoir. It illustrates the combination of System Dynamics (modeling pathogen levels in the reservoir) and Agent Based Modeling.
Make sure to check out the Map display to see the geographic clustering of disease incidence around the reservoir.

Disease Agent Based Modeling

  • 5 years 2 months ago

Disease - Participatory Simulation Data

Data from two rounds of using Disease Participatory Simulation in class. Participants + Androids = 39.  By adjusting Rate Constant, stocks and flows representation can be used to match data from either Trial 1 or Trial 2. An example of matching Trial 1 is shown when this simulation is run.  Graph of "Area" (Well * Sick) has the same shape as Rate Catching graph. The Rate Catching graph is much smaller because the Well * Sick values are multiplied by a small constant that is the Rate Constant.

Disease Participatory Simulation Logistic Curve Epidemic Curve

  • 5 years 9 months ago