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Clinical Care

Outpatient Clinics Patient Flow

Keming Wang
This is a high level system dynamics model which is built to determine the dynamic relationships of the FSA and Followups capacity. Therefore, it can help clinicians to find out the optimistic method in order to reduce the waiting list. At past clinicians were seeing more FSA patients, however, after few months, the followups patients overwhelmed the clinics. Therefore waiting list has been built up again. By running this model, clinicians can find out the balanced leverage point(s). New Model has been developed, this is a very draft model.

Hospital Patient Flow Health Care Healthcare Clinical Care Decision Making Simulation

  • 6 years 3 months ago

Action-Oriented Problem Solving Dynamics

Geoff McDonnell

From Rudolph JW Morrison JB and Carroll JS (2009) The Dynamics of Action-Oriented Problem Solving: Linking Interpretation and Choice. Academy of Management Review 34 (4) p733-756 Available online . This paper won the Forrester Award for 2012 and the presentation talk video is available. The presentation  paper abstract is available in System Dynamics Review 2013 here

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  • 3 years 1 month ago