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5 Resources That'll Make You Better at Software Development

Hicks Crawford
Software development is one of the most highly trending and ever-changing fields today. We see new trends emerging and innovative solutions overtaking the drudgery of usual work routines. To keep up with the changes you need to stay abreast with the technologies and newer waves in the software development industry.

Software development reached a much more sophisticated level with the influence of the container system in the software industry. The primary issue that was faced by an organisation was in respect to the replication of software in their own companies from one environment to another, or one's system to another. The unexpected errors stalled progress and made it difficult to work at the same level. This led to the business with cloud systems relying heavily on container orchestration systems to help them migrate software.  

Kubernetes and Docker are two very brands when it comes to container software. You can read here more about them.

Resources that improve your Software Development Skills:

Resources can be programs that help you but building resourceful habits that can make it easier for you to grow as a software developer. The resources are:


CodeWars has coding challenges that you can solve to learn and grow as a programmer. The program uses multiple languages which you can use to familiarise yourself with multiple languages and improve your coding through the challenges present. The best feature of the program is that it offers you high-end solutions to the challenges posted and this makes you learn professionally.


This is one software that you can label as an external brain. The best way to use the software is to use it to keep keyboard shortcuts, trends, whiteboard sketches, podcasts, screencasts and diagrams that can help you during programming handy.


Perhaps one of the most accessible software to use when working on a project. It is one of the best resources that could probably be used for software development because it helps you divide the whole project into smaller phases and set timeline. It allows multiple users on board and hence the entire team can work together and collaborate without any glitches.


A very easy to use the software. It allows you to have double panes, where you can see and edit the coding side by side. To make sure that you are on the right track. The software is highly helpful when working on Readme files.

Code Climate:

Code Climate is another perfect example of support software. You can use it to write and design codes for the program. It helps run and test the program the right way. It is a straightforward tool and enables you to code better, and it also helps in software migration.

Skills that you need as a developer:

A developer needs to be well versed in his art. The skills he must possess to grow and gain better technical understanding are:

  •    Persistent Problem solving
  •    Write clean and reusable codes
  •    In-depth knowledge of how the code will drive business.
  •    Be disciplined.

Apps Software Development Tech

  • 1 year 3 months ago

Problém časové alokace

Jan Červinka
Problém časové alokace
Semestrální práce
V této simulaci můžeme pozorovat přibližnou dobu na dokončení projektu, který má zadané parametry, jenž ovlivňují dobu jeho dokončení. Zároveň také znázorňuje zjednodušené nabývání znalostí a nárůst (případně pokles) mzdy v poměru se znalostmi.
Celý model obsahuje 3 hladiny - vývojový čas, plat a znalosti vývojářů. Mezi parametry, jenž lze zadávat a jenž ovlivňují celkovou dobu vývoje, patří: počet vývojářů (1 - 10), základní mzda (35.000 - 120.000), termín (1 - 6) a obsáhlost projektu (0.4 - 2).
Celkový počet vývojářů a znalosti vývojářů ovlivňují výslednou mzdu jednotlivých vývojářů. Termín určuje za jak dlouhou dobu si přeje klient projekt dokončen (pravý čas se dozví v simulaci) a obsáhlost projektu představuje o jak velký projekt se jedná.
V simulaci lze pozorovat tři grafy. První porovnává požadovaný čas s reálným časem stráveným na projektu, spolu s křivkou komplexnosti jednotlivých prvků, které se vyskytly během vývoje. Druhý graf nám ukazuje nárůst znalostí aktuálního týmu (tým se znalostí 1 dokonale rozumí dané problematice) a na třetím grafu lze vidět vývoj mzdy vývojářů během projektu (mzda je závislá na znalostech, tedy graf má stejný tvar).

Time Allocation Development Knowledge System Dynamics

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Affect of Funding on Policing and Community Development Initiative in Bourke, NSW

Natalie Doig
This insight illustrates the relationship between the funding of policing and community development initiatives, to reduce crime rates in Bourke, NSW.The insight categorises community members into four groups:
'At risk community members' are individuals who have been identified as likely to commit crime.
'Charged' community members are individuals who have committed a crime, have been caught and charged.
'Community development program members' are individuals who have been identified as at risk, but have also been selected to take part in a community development progam.
'Community members' are individuals who are not classified as at risk. 
This insight shows the process of how individuals transfer between categories, with finance as the independent variable. Finance can be altered from a minimum of $250,000 to a maximum of $1,000,000. The finance variable can be altered using the total finance slider located on the right hand side.
AssumptionsHere is a list of assumptions made about this scenario. Assumptions are also found in the story of this insight.
*Bourke comprises of 3000 individuals. 2750 are classified as at risk and 250 as community members at time 0
*The average jail sentence is two years
*The government pays $1,000 per year for each individual who is charged and jailed
*The average cost of a community development program is $4,000 per year, per individual
*The average individual will relapse and commit a crime or be rehabilitated within three years

Community Policing Funding Development Bourke

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MKT - 563 - Student 11376247 Brenton Nisbet

Brenton Nisbet
Assessment 4.

This model highlights the interdependent relationship between:
- Police funding- Community Development- Youth Alienation

And the impact they have on youth engagement levels over time in the NSW town of Bourke. 

The model assumes the youth population of bourke to be 1000 people. 

-Community Group effect is delayed by 3 months, aligning the model to seasonality to account for the large impact seasonal sport has on rural community.

- 20% of youth will disengage with the community after realising the development funding doesn't align to their interests. 
- 80% of disengaged youth will be at risk of committing a crime.
- 19% of youth arrested will have their charges dropped
- 81% will have a conviction recorded 

- 21% of detained youth will be rehabilitated in line with the NSW average.
- 79% of detained youth will re-offend in line with the NSW average. 


- Police Force Funding can be adjusted upward or downward to simulate the effect on engagement, disengagement and crime levels. 
- Community Development Funding can be adjusted to simulate the positive effect developing programs and opportunity for youth in Bourke may have on their engagement in society and the overall crime rate amongst their cohort. 
- Youth Alienation slider allows the rate of youth alienation (Exposure to violence, drugs, alcohol. Lack of training, education and opportunity), to be slowed and speed up to simulate the impact it has on engagement and crime levels. 

Youth Population Community Development

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Koala Habitat

The declining koala population in South East Queensland is being caused by a number of factors. These are, climate change, urbanisation and disease. Through government intervention and preventative measures the koala population may stand a chance from the growing development in South East Queensland.

Enviroment Development Sustainability

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