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Clone of S-Curve + Delay for Bell Curve by Guy Lakeman

Ray Madachy
​S-Curve + Delay for Bell Curve Showing Erlang Distribution
Generation of Bell Curve from Initial Market through Delay in Pickup of Customers
This provides the beginning of an Erlang distribution model

The Erlang distribution is a two parameter family of continuous probability distributions with support . The two parameters are:

  • a positive integer 'shape' 
  • a positive real 'rate' ; sometimes the scale , the inverse of the rate is used.

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Clone of Urban Dynamics

Larry Sun

An adaptation of the URBAN1 Model from Navid Ghaffarzadegan, John Lyneis and George P Richardson's How small system dynamics models can help the public policy process. System Dynamics Review 27: 22-44 (2011) Conference version at  and LA Alfeld and AK Graham's Introduction to Urban Dynamics 1974 p 195.

An element of Perspectives: The Foundation of Understanding and Insights for Effective Action. Register at

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