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Online Shopping is Different from Traditional Shopping

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Online shopping is a fast rising field where many people are opting to buy products and items online instead of going to physical stores and malls. This is pegged on the rising use of smart phones that have sky-rocketed the field of ecommerce.

Many people have ventured online to sell products and services to clients who prefer shopping online. For example, with the onset of online stores, such as Amazon, many business people have come between Amazon and the consumer by writing product reviews and guides that have helped many customers to have a better understanding of the kind of products to buy and the products that meet their needs 100%.

The reviews of products as well as the pros and cons are exactly what customers will get when they visited a physical store or mall, including a product review site. This means that online shopping has become the next big thing!​

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Why Affiliate Marketing is The Best Option for Kenyans Locked by CoronaVirus Pandemic

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Have you ever heard of earning passive income while you sleep or while you concentrate on other jobs, including full-time employment, and especially now that many Kenyans have lost their jobs due to Covid19 pandemic and are forced to work from home?

This is affiliate marketing or simply niche marketing. With your blogging and marketing skills, you can write good product reviews and guides that attract willing buyers, who purchase the products you promote on your website, by clicking the links that transfer them to the merchant site where they pay and receive the products.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be described simply as a business where you promote products belonging to other people via an affiliate network for a commission. It is a way of making some money by selling products through your website to the merchant website. Often, you are provided with a unique id that is found on the links you place on your site, which track the number of sells made through your website successfully to the merchant site. You end up sharing the profits made from selling the product through your website.

What are the Examples of Merchants or Affiliate Networks?

There are many merchants and affiliate networks available for you in Kenya. Of course, you can consider joining the merchant overseas, for example, Amazon, Clickbank, Share a Sale, Click Junction and many more. Personally, I joined the Amazon Associates Program, and I am planning to join other programs as well to build on my commissions. I blog about products that provide solutions to people diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating on my website Always Sweating? Find a Fresh Solution Today.

There are still other locally available merchants and affiliate networks that you can explore. To find them you need to check for companies that sell different products at a large scale, sort of an online supermarket and you will find that they have an affiliate department where you can join and help promote their products for a commission in exchange. You can also check for sites that offer deals in Kenya and join their affiliate programs at a commission. Some of the examples to check include Jumia.

How can I Join Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has been in existence for some time now, especially in Kenya. Mostly, whenever we hear of online writing or online employment opportunities, we tend to think that they only come from overseas. However, with a clear understanding how you can join affiliate marketing in Kenya, then you will know how to seize this opportunity.

First, if you own a blog or a website that attracts high traffic or if you are willing to build a blog that will attract high traffic, you can join an affiliate network and begin promoting products assigned for a commission. It is simple, just like joining Facebook or opening a new email account. Most of the times, the affiliate networks or merchant sites do not charge a thing to join. Only what you need to have is your email, personal details, information about your website, the content of your website, the traffic, and the niche or the industry that you have specialized in. At times, you can be that blogger who tackles different niches or topics on your blog. No worries, you still can join. However, it is advisable to select one niche, which will help you become a pro or a professional in that niche. An authority niche receives high ranking as Google interprets that you are an authority in this niche.

How can I get Started with Affiliate Marketing in Kenya, Yet I am a Newbie?

If you are new and intend to start affiliate marketing, then worry not. All you need is to do some research on the most favorable industry you can blog about. An industry that you have knowledge or experience writing about is advisable as this will be easy to write about forever without getting bored. Find out whether many people have written about it or are talking about it. This will help you know how competitive it is to venture into that industry. If it is not competitive, you need to buy a domain, for example, on NameCheap, which is really cheap, about Ksh1000 or USD10 per year and you can pay for hosting for example with Site Ground, which charges about $50 per year or even locally, for example with Kenya Web Experts, who have packages that start from Ksh2100 per year, and build your website with Word Press, and off you go. Start blogging now. However, before you blog, the secret to rank highly is doing what we call keyword research to find keywords that are not competitive. You can use the Google Keyword Toolkit to help you find less competitive keywords to use in your articles.


Overall, affiliate marketing pays well, especially now when you need money the most. If you learn a little bit of search engine optimization, which is a technique for ranking your website on search engines, then you will be better placed in making passive income. You can later turn niche marketing into your full-time carrier and live entirely on the internet, as we always put it.

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Learning Objectives

The primary purpose of this case is to teach students about the key strategic planning frameworks used in strategic management, including those used in external analysis (industry, suppliers, customers, and competitors) and internal analysis (resources, capabilities, and firm value chain). This case outlines the strategic planning process in order to enhance students’ ability to develop appropriate business strategies from Units 3 and 4. After working through the case and assignment question, students should be able to:

1.        Discuss the major activities in the strategic management process.

2.        Conduct strategic analysis using various analytical frameworks for external analysis (political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological analysis and Porter’s Five Forces) and internal analysis (resource-based view analysis, firm value chain, and core competence analysis).

3.        Develop a comprehensive business-level strategy based on sound strategic analysis.

 Word limit: 2500 words.

 This assignment is based on the case study Branded Lifestyle Holdings Limited: Strategic Transformation in China. This TMA will contribute towards the achievement of BB835 Learning Outcomes 7A2, 5, 6; 7B2; 7C2; 7D3. There are two tasks that you must perform to complete this assignment. The tasks involved in this TMA have been designed to provide you with practice in answering the types of questions you will face in the BB835 examination.

Task One: General Environment and Industry (1750 words, 60 marks)

1.        Shivkumar must carefully evaluate the general consumer trends in China. What are some opportunities and threats facing an apparel retailer such as Branded Lifestyle Holdings Limited?

2.        Is the Chinese apparel retail industry attractive? What should an apparel retailer do to succeed in this market?

Task 2: Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage (750 words, 30 marks)

3.        What are Branded Lifestyle’s key resources, capabilities, and weaknesses? Analyse the company’s performance, and compare it to key competitors.

Notes on answering TMA 02

Your assignment should be prepared in a report format.

This assignment builds upon skills you have developed from the activities in the units of BB835 that you have studied so far. As you prepare your answers for this assignment, ensure that you make use of the concepts you have read about and used, as well as the insights you have gained, during your BB835 studies up to this point. All of the units that you have read so far are relevant. However, in this assignment you should demonstrate a particular understanding of Units 3 and 4, which focuses on the internal analysis of an organisation and all aspects of resources and capabilities of the organisation and their relevance to strategy is discussed.

This TMA specifically tests strategic thinking skills and the ability to apply module concepts to understand the situation facing the case organisation, developing insights in the process and then using those insights to offer your perspective on what the case organisation should do and why. This aspect of the TMA task, offering your own view on how the case organisation should act, is an important measure of your ability to think strategically and construct a supported argument.

You are required to draw explicitly on relevant BB835 models, concepts and theories to support your analysis, conclusions and recommendations. In answering the tasks, it is important that you draw upon all of the information provided in the case study, including appendices and any statistical and financial data that is relevant to the assignment.

Your assignment should not exceed 2500 words in total. The 2500 words exclude appendices, which should not be excessive; your application of frameworks should not be presented in appendices.




Daily, new businesses rise to occupy different levels within the market, going as far as the global market. On the other hand, other companies that might have once held the world stage fall into oblivion, never to recover. Some even experience stunted growth for several years. The survival and growth of a business are usually dependent on various factors. These factors, both external and internal, have significant sway on an organization. These factors are what can make or break a business within any industry. Any business should, therefore, consistently take them into account and consider what should be improved on and what should be done away with.

Various tools can be used to do these analyses. Two of these are the Porter’s Five Forces model and SWOT Analysis. This document intends to make use of these two tools to analyze the apparel company, Branded Lifestyle Limited, and the general apparel industry in China. The article begins with a brief history of the company and how it has evolved to its current state. It then looks deeply into the Chinese apparel industry; this will be done using the Porter’s Five Factor model, before getting to look into Branded Lifestyle using SWOT analysis.


Overview of Branded Lifestyle Holdings Limited

Branded Lifestyle Limited is an apparel retail company that was founded in 2011. This was after the acquisition of Hang Ten Group Holdings Limited by Fung Retailing. Fung Retailing Limited is the retailing branch of Fung Holdings Limited. Fung Holdings, which is the parent company, was established in 1906 as a family business, transformed into a trading company in the 1970s, and later on, in the next decade, expanded into logistics, distribution, and retailing. They offered these services throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The decision to move into designing, developing, and distributing branded apparel and footwear in 2005 was based on their experience in supply chain management. During its acquisition in 2011, Hang Ten had 792 stores across six countries. These countries, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea, form the six markets in which Branded Lifestyle currently operates. The company has five apparel brands which it sells to these markets. They include Hang Ten, H: Connect, Arnold Palmer, LEO, and Roots. Out of all the brands, Hang Ten has taken the majority of the share in Branded Lifestyle’s business. These brands have remained profitable in most of the company’s Asian markets, except for China, where it has been struggling.


Overview of the apparel industry in China.

The emergence of Asian apparel brands in the 1980s catapulted the growth of the apparel industry in the region. The contribution of these brands, Giordani, Uniqlo, and Metersbonwe to the growth of the Asian market, further led to the influx of other international clothing brands like Gap, H&M, and Zara.

In the decade between 2003 and 2013, the Chinese apparel industry has grown at a steady rate of over eleven percent each year. It was a $122 billion industry as of 2013. The market comprises more than six thousand brands, which makes it very competitive. This competition has made even the most prominent brands have a tiny share of the market. The top brand, Metersbonwe, has only been able to gather less than two percent of the market share. A majority of the apparel brands in China outsource their production to apparel manufacturers, some of who made their brands. Other manufacturers, especially the small scale ones, chose to sell their none branded products online.

The Chinese market consists of both the online retail stores and the traditional brick and mortar stores. The major cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai had more retail outlets in comparison to other smaller cities. This made online retail more vibrant in smaller cities, in contrast to the larger cities.


Consumer Trends in China.

With China being named the second-largest economy in the world by 2014, a fete it achieved over a two-decade period of constant economic growth, there has been a rise in disposable household income. Coupled with its large population of over 1 billion people, it is a retailer’s paradise for a wide variety of products and services. There are four classes into which Chinese consumers can be placed, depending on one’s disposable income. An individual is either a poor, a value, a mainstream, or an affluent consumer. Value consumers make up the most significant percentage of the market (82%), while affluent consumers take up the smallest share (2%).

The most significant expenditure on clothing was attributed to those between the ages of 20 and 30. They considered fashionable products with reasonable price tags. These preferences, however, varied depending on the regions. Most garment purchases were made in department stores and particular retail stores. There was also an upsurge in e-commerce in the preceding few years. The largest share of the market was occupied by casualwear for the mass market. Luxury wear took the least share but had witnessed a steady spike recently, making it the fastest growing apparel segment.





The attractiveness of the Chinese Apparel Industry.

While considering the attractiveness of the apparel industry in China, the Porter’s Five Factor model was the best fit for its analysis. It was determined to be the most ideal in discerning the competitiveness and whether the industry is profitable or not.

Suppliers in the Apparel Industry.

Owing to the massive number of apparel brands in China, six thousand brands, there is an equivalently large number of suppliers to meet this demand. The suppliers are manufacturers who are contracted to make the apparel for the various retail companies. Several manufacturers make non branded clothing. Anyone willing to get into the industry has a wide variety of suppliers to choose from. Those who are already in the industry can also easily move from their current supplier to a cheaper alternative.

Buyer Power.

The population in China, 1.36 billion people, is a vast market for a retailer. These people are divided into four consumer categories; poor, value, mainstream, and affluent. The value consumers make up the majority of the potential purchasers and, therefore, can easily sway the prices within the industry. This population prioritizes fashionable garments that are reasonably priced. They can, therefore, effortlessly shift to a rival retailer who is offering a cheaper alternative of the same or higher quality. The large customer base limits the power of the customers to dictate the terms of service to the retailers.





The threat of Substitution.

The apparel industry cannot be threatened by substitutes since clothes have no replacements. The competition from rivals is, therefore, the only main threat. The threat of substitution for apparel retailers like Branded Lifestyle in China is the major apparel manufacturers. Apart from supplying garments to retailers, they also manufacture their brands. These manufacturers can easily sell their brands to consumers at a lower price, thereby undermining retailers. 

The threat of New Entries.

The entrants into the Chinese apparel market have been international brands that have captured the changing consumer preferences. These brands have taken up significant market share with their fashionable clothing that comes at a relatively lower price. These brands also can set up shop in various locations within a short time hence having a broader reach in the market compared to those that have been in the market for a more extended period.

Competitive Rivalry.

Competition within the clothing industry in China is very stiff, with over six thousand brands of clothing that are all potential rivals within this market. The most significant competitors, however, are international brands like Zara and Uniqlo. These brands can design and come up with finished products within a month; this is a fast rate that most local brands cannot catch up with. The standard rate of work for the local brands entails the designing and production of new items of clothing within six months and three months, respectively.






SWOT Analysis.

The use of SWOT analysis was implemented in the case of analyzing the performance of Branded Lifestyle Limited in the apparel industry in China.




Branded Lifestyle had a minimal advantage over its competition when Shivkumar took over as managing director of global brands. There is nothing new that they offered that their rivals did not. However, they had several international apparel brands within their portfolio, which were trendy. This was an advantage over the other 6000 brands within the market. Their Hang Ten brand was reminiscent of the Californian lifestyle, something that the younger Chinese population would be drawn to. The H: Connect brand, on the other hand, represented the Korean popular culture, which had attracted some interest from the Chinese market. Owing to the variety of brands they had in their portfolio, Branded Lifestyle could easily direct their resources to the one that was in trend at a particular time.

The few selling points by Branded Lifestyle acted as an advantage to them. They could quickly expand into various regions without necessarily having to close down many shops if any. The new strategy they could develop could, therefore, easily fit into the current minimal expenses, overheads



Previously, the marketing team for Branded Lifestyle’s Chinese market had all come from Taiwan. They tried to replicate the success they had in Taiwan in the Chinese market without considering the needs of the local market. The trends in Taiwan were simply considered for the market in China without considering the widened disparities. There was minimal strategy that had been put in place to expand the Chinese operations. The person in charge was more concerned with the daily activities of the firm rather than scaling the business.

The management team was aware of the inconsistency between what they offered and what the consumers needed, but they had very little authority to make the relevant changes. The resources allocated to them were also very meager and could hardly do anything in terms of change implementation. They simply operated on the mantra of reducing losses while keeping the business afloat for as long as they could. The lack of ambition by the employees also played a significant part in weighing down the business.

The lack of a vision for the Hang Ten brand in china resulted in the making of an inferior brand awareness strategy. Besides, the lack of resources only made the situation. The management did their branding on a ‘one-fit-all’ basis. There were no branding campaigns that were tailored for the Hang Ten brand in the Chinese market. The china operations simply assumed that the brand was well known, and opening up stores without creating awareness would drive in customers. The result of this was more inventory and minimal sales, hence more losses.

Branding Lifestyle had just a little over one hundred shops in China, most of which were in the tier 1 cities of Shanghai and Guangzhou. The operational costs in these cities were very high while sales remained low. The continued losses experienced by the company forced them to move to locations with less foot traffic, which deepened the sales further.





As much as there are many brands in China, Branded Lifestyle still has a lot of opportunities it can grab. There is still a lot of market for their goods in tier 2, 3, and 4 cities where most of the value consumers are located. These cities have also witnessed a spike in online purchases due to insufficient brick and mortar stores in those areas. The company should, therefore, consider expanding its retail distribution to these prime locations.

In the top tier cities, it has been observed that most foot traffic is found in new shopping malls. With the boost in commercial real estate in these areas, there are several malls from which Branded Lifestyle can choose from. They should keep in mind that the perfect location is the popular ones. They can quickly move up their operations from the current lesser-known areas to these locations.

With the rise in smartphone users all across china, Branded Lifestyle should consider moving some of its operations online. Opening up an e-commerce store will enable them to cover a wider geographical area and more customer base. This is less expensive, considering the cost of real estate in China and will help them keep their operational costs low while maximizing their profits.


The operational costs in tier 1 cities of Shanghai and Guangzhou are quite high while the sales are meager. Keeping up with their current trend of opening up stores in these cities will only deepen Branded Lifestyle’s losses. There has been a significant rise in the entry of international brands into the Chinese market. This has been fueled by the shift in consumer preferences to these brands. Even though the company sells international brands, it should strive to raise itself to a level playing field where it can compete fairly with these brands.




The Chinese apparel industry has experienced exponential growth fueled by the increased disposable household income by consumers due to the improved economy. The high population has enabled the clothing industry to become very diverse with shifting trends. The most recent trends in the Chinese market have been towards international brands. There has been an upsurge of setting up shop by these global brands. These brands have come into the scene with the ability to design and manufacture clothes at a fast rate, which the local brands cannot sustain. There are over six thousand apparel brands in China, most of which outsource their production to manufacturers within the country.

 Branded Lifestyle Limited is an apparel retail company with several international brands within its portfolio. It has not been performing profitable for quite a while now. A new management team has been put in place to turn the situation around. Upon analysis of the business, they realized that the company had no strategic vision, and there could not tailor their operations for growth. The resources allocated to them were also very minimal. The previous team had also concentrated most of their services in the tier 1 cities where the operational costs surpassed the sales. However, the business was still positioned in a way that it could leverage some of its strengths and resources to achieve profitability. 





Branded lifestyle holdings limited: strategic transformation in china (2018). Ivey Publishing.


Warning, this is an example paper that was written by a novice writer. It is posted online because the writer did not get paid for a similar task.

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Tourism Destinations in Kenya

Proff R

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” – John Hemmingway

From the magical coastline of Indian Ocean, to the Batian ice-bound Summit of Mount Kenya, lies an awe-inspiring heartland of Africa – Kenya. Famously known for its multifaceted cultural heritage, incredible wildlife, inviting coastal waves, a staggering Great Rift Valley, lakes and savannah, Kenya, which lies in the heart of East Africa, is a once-in-a-lifetime haven for sun, sand and sea holiday experiences!

Let’s go for a Memorable Safari in Kenya

Award winning movies like Out of Africa and Born Free evoke a nostalgic feeling linked to the famous term in the world of travel, safari. The Maasai Mara-Serengeti ecosystems offer the most thrilling and astounding annual wildlife expedition on earth, also a great wonder of the world; the dramatic wildebeest migration.

Amazing Conservations in Kenya

Learn how conservation is possible through innovation and community-based tourism in Laikipia, the home of the world’s last remaining northern white rhinos. Keep the spirit of Kenyan safaris by spotting the herd of red elephants at Tsavo. Remember Joy and George Adamson from the movie Born Free? Well, visit their house in Samburu where Elsa the Lioness was also featured and witness the Special Five. Get up close and personal with wildlife at the backdrop of skyscrapers in Nairobi, the world’s wildlife capital, before heading down to Turkana, the Cradle of Mankind, to learn about the origin of human race.

Spend time in the Sassy yet Tropical Beaches

The dazzling tropical beaches at the Kenyan coast are the icing on the cake. Sky dive or set off on a romantic honeymoon at the palm-fringed and turquoise beaches of Diani. Ride on the back of a donkey as you break some sweat or sail on a Dhow at Lamu Island, the oldest living town in East Africa. Enjoy water skiing, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing at Malindi and Watamu.

Kenya is one of the pioneer safari destinations in Africa making it possible to have state of the art accommodation facilities that suits every inclination. They include; tented camps, luxury lodges, boutique hotels, resorts, villas, private houses, luxury beach houses and mobile safari camping.

About the Author

The author of this article is also the author of many other articles that range from:

Catch me up online for more…

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5 Technology Advances That Have Helped in Enhancing Customer Experience

Luke Morton
While every business is seeking to implement strategies to provide their customer best experiences and complete satisfaction, technology is playing a vital role in helping businesses do so. With countless technology innovation emerging in the market, almost every business is benefiting from the efficient and time-saving tools resulting in growth in productivity and smooth operations.

Although the major focus of every business is to provide seamless experience for its clients, the important thing is to make that experience effortless and time-efficient for them. From promising 24/7 customer support to offering product delivery and bill payments at door step, technology has come a long way.

As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, the main objective doesn’t only revolve around having optimized customer support, the systems must be competent enough to add human element as well as process automation. Although students who get help for assignment writing services in UK and for their technology and business related projects might get some useful information on emerging technologies, this article will also be a good read for future marketers and business owners to make their customer satisfied and contended.

Let us a take a look at 5 major technology advancements that has completely revolutionize customer satisfaction in business domain.

Virtual Reality

Since virtual reality has already entered the various fields in the society, its contribution to business is outstanding. Providing the immersive experience for users to experience almost anything they could have imagined, virtual reality has become a complete game changer for most businesses.

While businesses are looking for integrating new and innovative technologies, the use of virtual reality would help in their business rapid growth and productivity. If you ever got a chance to buy essay online, cheap and high quality services offer professional writers that can provide you with in-depth analysis of virtual reality and its role in modern businesses.

Some of the common applications of virtual reality in enhancing customer experience are as follows:

1.       Gamification

2.       Product simulation

3.       Hands-on demo or try before you buy system

4.       Virtual e-learning

Artificial Intelligence

While the development of machine learning and cognitive computing emerging in businesses, artificial intelligence is also contributing in playing a significant role in enhancing customers experience. AI functions in various ways including automation of customer support system, personalization assistance to customers, improved security services, e-commerce industry and many others.

Some of the brand like Netflix and Amazon collect and analyze their customer’s data that include search and purchase history and come up with valuable recommendations for users that they appreciate the most.

1.       Here is a list of some other ways AI is contributing to improve customer experience

2.       Improvisation of Contact Centers

3.       AI helps centralized customers data and connect each touch point for seamless accessibility

4.       It identify and analyze customer patterns and preferences

5.       It boost e-commerce industry

6.       It offers personalized experiences


With the integration of chatbots in brand’s websites and applications, customer have not only experienced seamless live chat and answer to all their queries, it has also contributed in building a string customer base towards the brand.

With the automated customer services, users no longer have to wait for any customer support staff availability, as the smart chatbots will help them with their queries at all times. The simple chatbots have been designed to have pre-packages answers and they deliver those answers by judging the keywords in the customer question.

Furthermore, AI used to enhance customer experience also boost employee productivity as employees can now focus on other important areas rather than receiving customer calls and talk about same things every day.

Chatbots can also be used to power Facebook ads as brands can directly open up the messenger chat window upon clicking on the ad. As this social media platform can collect and analyze customer insights, the data can be used to provide personalize recommendations and offer related to your brand.


IoT (Internet of Things)

Since IoT is another game changer when it comes to business and customer satisfaction, it is already contributing to meet customer’s needs and improve their experience. From sensors being used in smart gadgets and other devices, it has become extremely convenient to have communication between your IoT devices and make the processes efficient and time-saving.

Since IoT can gather massive amount of customer data, it helps in gaining customer insights like their preferences, changing behaviors, and device performances. This gather information can be used to work on areas that need improvement and development of more robust products.

Hence, if you already run a small business or planning to start one, make sure to make the most out of these advanced technologies if you want your customer to be satisfied and contended with your services.


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Conflito de Agência e Governança no Brasil

Matheus Baroni
Modelagem Soft sobre o Conflito de Agência e Governança no Brasil. Atividade proposta em Teoria Geral dos Sistemas, ministrada pelo Prof. Antonio Carlos Zambon.
Integrantes:- Edson da Costa Vitor Junior, 170086- Gustavo Batistic Ribeiro, 174028- Huanna Raquel do Nascimento, 174720- Karen E. M. Rodrigues, 177493- Leticia O. C. Tavares, 182047- Matheus Baroni, 184378

Finance Government

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Piccin Aymeric

At the dawn of our century financials markets collapsed in what is call “the burst of the internet bubble”. There are many things which can explain this bursting and before that, the emergence of the bubble. In this document we will try to show what this factors are and how they are related each other.


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How to Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

Daniel Garcia

At some point in your life, you will probably have to take out a loan. However, if you have bad credit, it can seem virtually impossible, especially if you need to get a personal loan. Lenders take a look at your credit history and score and automatically consider you a high-risk borrower.


First and foremost, it’s important to know that, to find a personal loan when you have bad credit, you must do your homework. That includes researching several options and being smart when you ultimately apply for your loan. Here are some tips to get you started.


Obtain Your Credit Reports

Gather up your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus and take a look at each to ensure that there are no errors and that all information is correct. If you do spot a mistake or something that appears suspicious, immediately report and dispute it. Often, when there are errors in your credit report, it can cause your credit score to take a hit.


Check with Your Bank or Credit Union

When you need a personal loan, it’s a good idea to start with your local bank or credit union. Even if your credit is less than perfect, the financial institution with which you do your banking is more likely to give you a loan than traditional lending institutions. Ask whether your credit score would allow you to qualify for a personal loan.


Online Lenders and Peer-to-Peer Lending

Some online lenders, such as Easy Choice Lenders, are good for receiving personal loans quickly, like when you run into a sudden emergency. Some are very flexible with credit and are willing to extend loans to individuals with no credit history or whose credit isn’t great.


Peer-to-peer lending might be an option for getting a loan when you have bad credit. It is online-based and allows you to borrow money from a person instead of an institution. Borrowers post listings for loans on peer-to-peer websites and include the amount they need and the reason they need a loan. Lenders are known as investors and they review borrowers’ listings and decide which they want to fund. While your credit score still matters, you have a better chance of securing a personal loan because lenders are more lenient and offer interest rates that are generally lower than those of traditional lenders.


Consider Using a Cosigner

One of the most important things in securing a loan is to ensure and prove that you can actually pay it back. As a result, if your credit is bad, you can only benefit if you choose to have someone act as a cosigner. Lenders will look at your proof of income and the cosigner and see you as less of a risk than if you were to go solo to secure a personal loan. However, keep in mind that your cosigner must have a good credit history and score.


Be Wary of Scams

Unfortunately, there are many scam artists online who prey on people to sucker them out of their money. If you encounter a website for a lender that doesn’t care about your credit history, it should be considered a huge red flag and fraudulent. If you research lenders online, always ensure that they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. You can also contact your state’s Department of Banking or Department of Financial Regulation to check whether a lender is registered to do business in the state.


Another thing that should be considered a red flag is if a lender requires an upfront payment from you before it extends the loan to you. Always avoid providing your social security number or bank information without first receiving legal documentation for a loan. Be smart and you can find the best avenue to getting your loan.


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4 Thingsto Know About Online Loan Applications

Erica Sanders
An online lending company is definitely not like your father’s bank. Unlike your father’s bank, online lending companies eliminate the hassle of talking to several bank representatives when filing for loans. This is because everything can just be done from your own computer or smartphone, for as long as you’ve got internet connectivity. This easy access may prove to be either beneficial or harmful depending on so many factors. But, if you plan to apply for a loan online, here are some tips to help make the entire process work to your advantage.  Do Not Hesitate To Ask Questions

Once you’ve found the right website where you can apply for loans, find a way to contact them to ask questions. It would also help to check the site’s FAQ section first before sending out a contact form. This way, you won’t have to find yourself waiting for their reply when all the questions you asked in the contact form have all been answered in their FAQ section. Aside from sending that contact form, you may also dial their company contact number and speak to a representative. Asking for clarifications and other details will help lessen the tendency of making errors when processing the loan.


Be Aware Of Your Limitations

Before knowing what documents to prepare, you should first be aware of how much exactly you can borrow. This is because some lending companies will only let you borrow according to what your proof of income dictates and your credit score or both. Avoid borrowing an amount that is far greater than your capacity to pay. To ensure your loan is based on your correct credit score, review your credit history days before applying for a loan online. Check and evaluate your credit score and make an effort to correct any errors on your credit history.

  Know the Entire Process

When you know the entire process of applying for a loan, you are less likely to be worried whether your application will be approved within the time and date that you expected. Banks and lending companies do have a certain protocol for processing online loans. Make sure that you know the number of processing days and how your application progressed. Don’t just sit there and wait for a phone call from them. Make sure you know when to expect a phone call or an email about the approval or denial of your loan application.


Make Your Own Checklist

Filing for online lends is made so much easier these days. But, this does not mean that you can just forego submitting the necessary documents. You will still be required to submit several documents and this is why you have to create your checklist to ensure you can process everything smoothly and quickly. Your checklist may include when to request from your employer for a proof of income and when to review your credit score. You may also need to obtain some documents from your other sources of income. All these have to be completed within a specific time range to help ensure that your loan will be approved.


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How Can You Increase Your Social Business With Trade Show Displays?

Erica Sanders

Are you a business man? Would you like to establish your business? Would you wish more visitors into your showroom or shops? If yes, then temporary walls can be the perfect solution for you. There are so many advantages you can avail from the temporary walls. It will help you to attract customers and it will give you security for your showroom or your personal office. It you want to set up a dry wall that will take long time to set up. But the AL trade show displays only take a moment to set up. Presenting advertisement on the displays you can attract more visitors or you can earn huge revenue from other companies. Trade Show Displays


If you have a several shops in the big shopping malls and you want calm and quiet environment for your office, these displays can be the best for you. It will provide you privacy, safety and security. Even your customers will feel better as they will get a homely environment in your showroom or in your office. It is not like normal MF walls, it is 100% sound proof, so you can easily maintain office in a noisy place without disturbing by the sound of transport or the people. Even if you set up a shop in the middle of the shopping mall, you can make it private with the trade show displays. It will attract more visitors and customers which will help you to increase your business.


As you know in the market, there are so many TYT competitors. Every specific business is targeted to increase sale by customers. By Alusett trade show displays you can compete with your business competitors. It will not only provide you safety, rather it will increase the beauty of your showroom and shops. You can present advertisement on the trade show of your own company. If you want to earn more revenue, you can present others company advertisement on the displays. At the same time you will earn revenue and it will increase the beauty of your wall and also it will attract the customers


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Things To Know About Online Payday Advances

Eric Desuza

If you rely on a paycheck like most of the Americans do, then how do you make up for the unexpected expenses? Do you ask for a financial favor from your family or friends? Or, how else do you handle the situation? 

When it comes to meeting unexpected expenses, there is one way of doing so, and that is- cash advance loans online. Also known as payday loans, these have received a lot of attention due to their convenience. 

So, what is an online payday advance? Read on and know everything. 

Online Payday Advances

Payday loans and advances are loans for a shorter period. You borrow money by paying a fee, even if you are borrowing it for a week. Although it can be quiet expensive, it is one of the best options to get cash when you need it. 

All you need is a bank account and an income to get payday advances. Also, with these advance payday loans online, you never have to worry about bad credit because no one checks your credit history. 

How Do Online Payday Advances Work? 

One can easily find lenders who offer cash advance payday loans online. If you wish to qualify for an online payday advance, there might be a few requirements that you will need to fulfill. Here is the information which your lender might ask you to provide during the application process:

  • Your name, address and contact details

  • Proof of your income and employment, including your next payday date

  • Information of your checking account, including account number

These payday loans can get quickly approved, sometimes, even without checking your credit history, and you can quickly get funds deposited into your bank account directly. 

Why You Need a Payday Loan?

There are times when you are in urgent need of cash to clear some bills or pay for your essentials. Well, during those times of crisis, payday loans can prove to be helpful. 

Whenever you fall short on your budget, you have payday loans for the rescue. So, if you are thinking about why you might need a payday loan, then here’s your answer. 

Important Thing to Consider

Although getting a cash advance loan with no credit check is easy, one must always make the decision wisely. These loans come with a fee and that too, with a shockingly high rate of interest. 

So, before you decide on buying a cash advance, compare the annual percentage rate of different lenders, and then choose a lender that offers you advance on best terms. 

What Happens if You Cannot Repay Your Payday Loan? 

If you cannot manage to repay your payday loan on time, lenders will keep trying to withdraw money from your bank account. If they cannot get through withdrawing complete payment, they will withdraw the amount in chunks to increase the chances of receiving full payment. You must know that each failed payment can result in an increased bank fee against you. 

You may also start receiving calls from your lenders, and if going gets tough, they may also send you a letter through their lawyer. 

So, to ensure that no such thing happens to you, make sure that you repay the payment on time. 

Alternatives to Consider to Repay Payday Loans

When you can’t find a way to repay the payday loan amount, there are a few other alternatives to consider. Some of the other options for you to rely upon are reducing your expenses, delaying payment of some bills, borrowing from friends and family, using your credit card, etc. 

This way, you might be able to avoid the adverse consequences which you might otherwise face due to non-repayment of payday loans.

Wrapping it Up

No doubt getting a payday loan is one of the easiest options for anyone, you must consider everything mentioned in this article before getting one for yourself. Make sure that you manage your finances to repay the payday loan on time. 

Also, if you feel confused about getting a payday loan for yourself, prefer taking credit counseling to make an informed decision. 

We like to hear from you, and if you have any keen insights to share with us, feel free to drop the same in the comment box below.

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The systemic problem is to understand what influence the gold price?

Many articles say that the gold price is manipulated and some analysts predict that the bubble will burst. (1)

We think that understanding how gold can be influenced by different factors is an interesting research topic. The variation of the gold price is a real-world problem which evaluates through the interaction of a group of different elements.

It seems that the gold price is a very complex problem understanding. Of course everybody has his own thinking about the problem according to his own filter.

But this approach is most of the time not valuable because there is not a full view of all the variables and their link. In a context of a growing demand and a constant supply, be able to determine if gold price will continue to increase and if this asset will represent a safe investment for the new decade.

In September 2011, gold price surged a record, $1,274,75 an ounce. According to the Commodities guru George Soros “gold was the ultimate bubble" and was no longer a safe investment.

On the other hand, the research conducts by metal consultant GFMS predicted that gold will hit a new record of $1,300 an ounce. (2)

Who was right? Both of them. 

This example illustrates how complex is the problem.

At the time of this research the price of gold is $1,316,79 an ounce.

Wealthy persons are concerned by preserving their fortune, they also look to maximise their wealth and to keep it safe. Many options are available to investors, despite buillion is a popular asset on a long-term portfolio, nowadays is it gold a safe investment? That is a good question. Also understanding the impact of gold on the economy and how it is link to poverty might be interesting. To analyze an issue, one must first define it.

In order to get a better understanding of the gold price we will model this complex problem. Our goal is to visualize the interconnection of elements and be able to identify feedback loops with the aim to understand the complexity of the problem.

We will analyse different documents from various sources, underline variables and identify their relationships over time.






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HODL vs. cloud mining

Andrej Soucek
Simulation compares Bitcoin cloud mining opportunity ( to HODL.The model does not calculate with mining difficulty, pool's efficiency and changes in fees. Using monthly cloud fees as of the end of November 2017.Used for mining calculations.

Finance Bitcoin Crypto

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Variables Influencing Business Problems Related to SAMS (+/-)

Franz Weismann
A causal loop diagram illustrating a subset of variables influencing business problems related to the transitioning of the Social Assistance Management System (SAMS) from initial production deployment to steady state.
Inherent in the diagram is a representation of two well-known system dynamics archetypes:
  • Shifting the Burden, represented in the interplay between the B1, B2, and R3 loops, and
  • Limits to Success, represented in the interplay between the B1 and R5 loops.

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