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SOS 212: Final Project

Christopher P Ryan
This model aims to analyze how conservation from 2013 to 2017 needs improving in order to meet the needs to repopulate the Florida panther based on Acreage of conservation. Human population and housing development challenge conservation efforts, this model produces scenarios that test policy efforts in repopulate the Florida Panther. Our goal is to conserve 16 million acres for a habitat with 500 panthers.

Biodiversity Housing Population Florida

  • 3 years 1 month ago

Fixed Quota versus Fixed Effort

Robert J. Scott
This model incorporates several options in examining fisheries dynamics and fisheries employment. The two most important aspects are the choice between I)managing based on setting fixed quota versus setting fixed effort , and ii) using the 'scientific advice' for quota setting  versus allowing 'political influence' on quota setting (the assumption here is that you have good estimates of recruitment and stock assessments that form the basis of 'scientific advice' and then 'political influnce' that desires increased quota beyond the scientific advice).

Fishery Management Population Sustainability

  • 10 months 1 day ago

David De Marco's Koala insight

Koala populations in South East Queensland have been plummeting for decades and is only speeding up. Here is a Systems Dynamics model of key factors that increase and decrease the Koala population in SEQ. 
Throughout the model it is clear that if SEQ continues to grow with urbanisation and are not proactive with community awareness, Koala numbers will plummet.

David De Marco

Koala Seq Population Death Birth

  • 7 years 9 months ago

Population of France (Developed) Over Time

Christopher Hartline
Here we model the population of France given data between 1960 and 2013 from We used the crude birth rate and crude death rate for every 5 years since 1960 to 2005, and the rates every year from 2005 to 2013. To forecast, we used the slope of the net birth rate to calculate when the net birth rate would be zero, and used this year for our birth and death rates to are equal to zero. We assumed no net movement of people into or out of France.

Population Growth

  • 4 years 11 months ago