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Decision Making

Clinical Judgment Structure

Geoff McDonnell
From A Philosophical Basis of Medical Practice Toward a Philosophy and Ethic of the Healing Professions Edmund D Pellegrino David C Thomasma OUP Oxford 1981 Ch6 The Anatomy of Clinical Judgments p119-152 Note judgments have consequences of action, decisions can separate out the knowledge used. See also Thinking Like a Nurse IM-703 and Ladder of Inference Assumptions IM-351 and IM-50413 to show diagnostic detail

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Democracy deciding which side of the road before deciding destination

Brian Dowling
This model is a copy based on a model created by Thorbjoen Mann 
Owner, Thorbjoern Mann Consulting for an blog article:A topic map for a systems thinking discussion on participatory democracy created on a Systems Thinking in Action LinkedIn group discussion regarding Better Participatory Democracy Through Systems Thinking which in turn was based on two 'story' models A 'Better World' thru Systems Thinking and Participatory Democracy with Systems Thinking, and their respective blog posts.
A couple of liberties were taken with this version or interpretation. The original model did not have arrows, so it is my interpretation as to direction.  Stocks were chosen because of presentation. It does not imply quantity. Certain elements in the original model were not enclosed in boxes. These were assigned to variable primitives to differentiate them from boxed elements. The Insightmaker Folder capability was used to group what appeared to be common elements together. The Folders can be opens by clicking the + sign in each folder.

Democracy Participatory Democracy Decision Making NCP

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