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Understanding preeclampsia

Establishing the big picture of the mediators and states of the entities partipating in the initiation, development and progression of the condition.


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Stakeholders linkage map

Meghan Runions
This linkage map represents the links between crisis resolution faced by healthcare managers. Administrative officer's are responsible for specific communication channels to ensure and maintain control during emergency situations to ensure the safety of patients, medical staff and affected populations.

Health Care Healthcare Stakeholder

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Complex Systems How Burnie Tasmania dealt with Covid-19 Outbreak BMA708

Kate Elizabeth Craddock
This model is comparing healthy and sick residents in Burnie, Tasmania after the Covid-19 Outbreak in 2020. It will also show how the Burnie economy is effected by the disease, how the Government Health Policies are implemented and how they are enforced.

This model is based on the SIR, Susceptible, Infection, Recovery (or Removed) These are the three possible states related to the members of the Burnie population when a contagious decease spreads.

The Government/Government Health Policy, played a big part in the successful decrease in Covid-19 infections. The Government enforced the following.
- No travel (interstate or international)
- Isolation within the residents homes
- Social distancing by 1.5m
- Quarantine
- Non essential companies to be temporarily closed
- Limitations on public gatherings
- And limits on time and kilometers aloud to travel from ones home within a local community

This resulted in lower reported infection rates of Covid-19 and higher recovery rates.

In my opinion:
When the first case was reported the Government could have been even faster to enforce these rules to decrease the fatality rates further for the Burnie, population.  

Assumption: Government policies were only triggered when 10 cases were recorded.
Also, more cases that had been recorded effected the economic growth during this time.

Interesting Findings: In the simulation it shows as the death rates increases towards the end of the week, the rate of testing goes down. You would think that the government would have enforced a higher testing rate over the duration of this time to decrease the number of infections, exposed which would increase the recovery rates faster and more efficiently.  

Figures have been determined by the population of Burnie being 19,380 at the time of assignment.

Environment Healthcare COVID-19 Burnie Tasmania

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Clone of C difficile and Whole Genome Sequencing

InstructionsAdjust values by using the sliders below or typing in values, then press "Simulate"
To find total cases or total cost with or without WGS, run the simulation twice with WGS = 0 and WGS = 1 (make sure you record the values each time)
Refresh page to restore default values
Warning:Initial proportion of asymptomatically colonised patients + Initial proportion of symptomatically infected patients must be < 1
Proportion of admissions asymptomatically colonised + Proportion of admissions with symptomatic infection must be <1
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Healthcare HCAIs C Difficile System Dynamics

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