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Health Care

Shifting The Burden

Tai Huynh
This systems archetype describes the tension between short-term, quick fixes versus long-term, deep fixes. Under various pressures, the organization adopts quick fixes to relieve the symptoms. The apparent relief of symptoms gives the organization the sense that it complies with standards. In the long run, it neglects the long-term, fundamental fixes that require more time and more resources.

Health Care

  • 10 months 2 weeks ago

Social Theory Metaphors

Geoff McDonnell

A Launchpad for Applied Social Work Theory Metaphors and Connections.Adapted from Table 14.3 p563 and Table 14.4 p564 of the Book: James A. Forte ( 2007), Human Behavior and The Social Environment: Models, Metaphors and Maps for Applying Theoretical Perspectives to Practice  Thomson Brooks/Cole Belmont ISBN 0-495-00659-94

Health Care Social

  • 6 years 1 month ago

Limits To Growth

Tai Huynh
Certain organizations in healthcare grow  too fast. Patient volume increases, as revenues. As more patients are seen, demand in service quality exceeds service capacity. And it takes a while to build up service capacity. As a consequence, patients become dissatisfied and go to somewhere else. The issue here is to find out the limiting factor.

Health Care

  • 11 months 2 weeks ago